With a Spoon – the Italian Way

You’re bound to love this “spoonable” Gorgonzola

Star of Italian cheeses, Gorgonzola is extremely popular because it’s so incredibly smooth and creamy. Halfway through its aging, the special technique of inserting stainless steel needles into the cheese ensures that it’s as creamy as possible, so it can be served with a spoon and simply melts in the mouth.

A highly individual cheese, Gorgonzola has gained huge popularity beyond Italy, enhancing the cuisine of other countries. Its flavours make it a great ingredient for many different dishes. For sweet and savoury flavours, try “spoonable” Gorgonzola with pears and walnuts, it’s a match made in heaven and fabulous spread over crusty bread – an absolute treat!

Miammm! Bon appétit!