Who else wants to eat local and organic?

Expanding, enhancing and securing value-creating food production chains are day-to-day commitments supported by Cactus. Today the Group works with five production chains which are helping to develop regional agriculture, to create jobs in the area and guarantee producers a fair return, while at the same providing customers with authentic products which use resources sustainably and respect tradition.

The Cactus Group is eager to make its contribution and also to fulfil its duty to play an important role, and even a trailblazing role, as the main promoter and supporter of Luxembourg agriculture.

Since World Bread Day is being celebrated tomorrow, we’re giving pride of place to the “Zesummen fir eis Bio Baueren” production chain. It was set up in May 2019 because Cactus was determined to actively commit to increasing the percentage of organic agriculture in Luxembourg. More than ever before, it’s vital that we support sustainable farming solutions which allow us to work in harmony with nature and to make best use of our resources.

Since 2019, you’ve been able to buy exclusively from Cactus a wide variety of different breads made with organic wheat flour produced by Luxembourg farmers. Encouraged by how popular these breads have been with our customers, Cactus was spurred on to expand this range.

So now you can try “Zesummen fir eis Bio Baueren” label brioche, cramique raisin bread and delicious organic apple cake which are bound to make your breakfast and teatimes really special and tasty. And make sure that you don’t miss out on the organic yeast dough “Boxemännchen”, available for a limited period only. These new items are now on sale at the bakery counters in Cactus la Belle Etoile, Howald, Bascharage, Bereldange, Remich, Esch/Lallange, Limpertsberg, Echternach and Ingeldorf. The bread assortment is available in all Cactus stores based on their usual product range.