When taste is in perfect harmony with nature!

The “Zesummen fir eis Bio Baueren” production chain was set up in 2019 because Cactus was determined to increase the percentage of organic agriculture in Luxembourg. More than ever before, it’s vital to support sustainable solutions for our agriculture – solutions which allow farmers to find the best way of working, and also of working in perfect harmony with nature.

This is why we offer farmers, who are part of this production chain, predefined outlets for their harvests, and to proactively improve their income, we ensure that the purchase price for agricultural products is more lucrative.

Initially, we wanted to start by creating a range of high-quality organic breads, made with flour produced in Luxembourg or in the Greater Region. Encouraged by how popular these breads have been, we decided to expand our range and so now we proudly introduce our organic apple cake, brioche and cramique raisin bread.

We’ll continue to expand the range, as over time iconic seasonal products, such as our Boxemännchen for St Nicolas Day and other new items become part of this chain.

Through this production chain, we’re supporting farmers to produce high-quality, certified organic raw materials because we’re determined to promote long-term partnerships with short, integrated supply chains. Cactus is totally committed to expanding, enhancing and securing value-creating food production chains.