Use Superbags When You Go Shopping!

From this morning, the new Valorlux SUPERBAG is available in all our Cactus stores. To make your shopping easier and help you avoid resorting to single-use bags, this PET bag, specially designed for loose items, is now available at self-serve sections in our stores. It’s machine washable and before you set off to visit your favourite supermarket, simply slip your SUPERBAG into your shopping bag – then weigh your food, place the printed out sticker onto the label provided and go to the checkout.

The Cactus Group, a member of the Valorlux Board of Directors, is extremely mindful of its responsibility to help protect the environment and is continually striving to offer environmentally responsible alternatives to single-use packaging.  As the group has already been awarded the Tropheco prize for introducing the Veggie-Bag, and its catering branch is supporting the “ECOBOX – Méi laang genéissen” initiative, it makes absolute sense for Cactus now to join and be part of this nationwide initiative to slash single-use plastic waste.

By a simple action, let’s help make our planet a cleaner place!