Sodasan – Propper propper maachen!

They make your floors shine, they remove stains from your clothes while giving them a wonderful fresh, natural scent, they clean your dishes, they can be used for hand hygiene and to give your kitchen and bathroom areas a really thorough clean: household and personal care products from Sodasan.

“In the end, the path with nature is the only one which leads to a viable future.”

Jürgen Hack, Founder Sodasan

Since Sodasan was founded, this German company has excelled in developing natural products that use no petrochemical ingredients or GMOs. What’s more, its products are manufactured without any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

Particular attention is paid to achieving CO2 neutral production and to using 100% renewable energies.

As for packaging, as far as possible the brand’s decision makers always try to focus on 100% recycled and recyclable materials. 

The company was rewarded for its comprehensive sustainability strategy by winning the 2018 German Award for Sustainability.

However, since then, Sodasan’s managers have not been idle as they are constantly looking for innovations that will make their products even more effective and which at the same time take account of sustainable development factors. 


Join the movement and cut down on plastic waste by 77% by using Sodasan’s new bag-in-box liquid detergent.

  • 5-litre cardboard packaging: the cardboard is comprised of 86% recycled paper and can be recycled using the paper product collection system.
  • The detergent container can be recycled using Valorlux bags.

One 5-litre bag-in-box is equivalent to 3.3 bottles, which saves on 77% plastic. And what’s more, because the boxes are a smaller volume compared to traditional containers, less transport is needed to restock stores which in turn considerably reduces CO2 emissions!

Try the range of Sodasan products – in Luxembourg available exclusively at Cactus!

*On sale only in Cactus supermarkets