Romeo & Julia – Passionate about Sustainable Poultry Rearing

Talk about eggs and you have to talk about hens too – and how hens live has a direct impact on the quality of their eggs. Their living conditions and what they eat play a crucial role. Poultry farming standards for organic eggs are very strict. Organic rearing respects the birds’ well-being and the whole production operation of which the farmer is part.

The Cactus group is well known for its partnerships with breeders who put animal well-being first. The company is now supporting Romeo & Julia, a Luxembourg project which guarantees a sustainable future for poultry rearing that prevents the killing of male chicks and the proliferation of agro-industrial rearing. Set up by Bio-Ovo, a Luxembourg company, this project receives backing from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy through the firm COOPERATIONS.

Céline and Christian Mathieu’s Naturhaff in Derenbach is the first farm to join this programme for which protecting biodiversity and preserving long-standing animal breeds (non-hybrid) and plant species is of utmost importance. Try Romeo & Julia organic eggs, which are being piloted and sold in our Cactus La Belle Etoile supermarket and you’ll be doing something to support animal well-being!