Orange Juice in the Morning, a Good Habit?

For many of us, to get the day off to a great start we’ve got to have our morning orange juice. If you want to enjoy to the full all the health benefits of this fruit synonymous with vitality, and available all year round, obviously it’s better for you to drink it freshly squeezed when it’s far more tasty and 100 % natural.

There are very good reasons why orange juice symbolizes being full of energy and in a good mood. It’s obvious once you realise that not only does this citrus fruit provide us with precious vitamin C, but to get us up and going in the morning it has many nutrients, works as an antioxidant and combats fatigue.

Vitamin C in bottles

Available at the Fruit & Vegetable sections in our Cactus supermarkets at La Belle Etoile, Howald and Bascharage and also at the Cactus Merl Marché, your orange juice is freshly squeezed using automatic cold press juicers. Cold extraction is a gentle method which preserves the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients. It produces juice of the highest quality since the oranges are squeezed and not juiced using centrifugal force where heat unfortunately creates oxidation.

As soon as the stores above open, we have staff busy working these juicers and immediately bottling the fresh juice so it’s ready for those of you who are rushing to get to work. All day long, this delicious 100% natural orange juice is squeezed on demand for customers who can take it away either in 330 ml, 500 ml or 1 litre containers.

As with any fresh product, there may be slight variations in the flavour of the orange juice – the sweetness can vary – but it’s always of the finest quality and should be drunk as quickly as possible!

Your Vitamin Salad with Orange Juice

Orange juice goes just as well with sweet food as it does with savoury – and it’s especially good with salads.

An orange-flavoured dressing is fantastic on salads made with red or white cabbage, lamb’s lettuce, fennel, beetroot and carrot – you choose the ingredients! All you have to do is make a dressing using orange juice mixed with good quality olive oil, salt and black pepper and then pour it over your vegetables.

Wonderfully refreshing and fragrant!