Let’s eat healthily!

Although falafels are eaten just about everywhere nowadays, they actually originate from the Middle East. Whether fried or baked in the oven, the main ingredients in these balls are always the same: chickpeas and broad beans, as well as various spices.

To make great falafels, soak your chickpeas in water a day beforehand and afterwards ensure that they have dried out completely, otherwise your falafels are likely to fall apart while being cooked. Then all you need do is blend the ingredients until you get a mixture which is neither too runny nor too thick. Place this mixture in the fridge for an hour, shape small balls from it and then you just have to cook them.

Falafels are often served with tahini sauce, tahini being a paste made from sesame seeds, or with a yoghurt sauce. And for those of you who love eating sandwiches, add some chopped raw vegetable such as cabbage and onions to your falafels. To vary your enjoyment, you should also try swapping your traditional sandwich bread for pitta bread or wraps.

The popularity of falafels has grown recently mostly because of two factors. One is the increasing interest in vegetarian food in recent years and the other is the way that our lifestyles have become so much busier. This means that more and more people no longer take the time to sit down to eat lunch in a restaurant or canteen and instead grab a snack. Falafels have become a common type of “convenience food” because they’re such a convenient size.

If you don’t have time to make falafels yourself, or if you have surprise visitors, Alnatura has a great alternative for you: frozen mini-falafels. All the ingredients are organically farmed and you only have to heat the mini-falafels in the oven or fry them and they’re ready to serve. Available now in Cactus supermarkets.