Tom and Erny Schumacher’s excellent wines – Domaine Schumacher-Lethal

Among the families of winegrowers well established in the Luxembourg wine sector, the Schumacher-Lethal family in Wormeldingen is one of the best known… if only because of the many activities of Erny Schumacher, a very committed fireman and president of the independent winegrowers for 26 years! It is with his son Tom that he manages the estate, which in a few decades has become one of the pioneers in Luxembourg Moselle.

From the re-parcelling of the 70s to the new winery opened in 2010

When Erny Schumacher took over the family estate in 1974, the conversion from a mixed agricultural company to a purely wine-growing company had just been completed. Farmers and winegrowers for several generations, the Schumachers gradually abandoned the agriculture to concentrate on viticulture.

However, almost all the family vineyards were now in consolidation, and the young man, who was to marry his Monika in 1975, became both an employee at “Dupont de Nemours” and a winegrower on the family property.

Gradually, Erny acquired new plots and invested in the infrastructure. In 1984, he became a full-fledged winegrower. In 1996, he opened a new vat room in Wormeldange and installed a thermoregulation system.

In 1998/99, his son Tom, still studying in Trier and Bad Kreuznach, joined his father. Earlier than expected, since Erny suffered a heart attack in 1998. Tom graduated in viticulture and took over winemaking, while his father, who had recovered from his illness, devoted himself to viticulture – until today.

An important step in the estate was taken in 2010, with the opening of a new cellar that includes enough space for storage, as the Crémant has become more and more in demand. Located at the foot of the Moselle and in the immediate vicinity of the vineyard, the new building has a beautiful wine tavern with a pretty terrace – the “Wäistuff” is managed by Monika, Erny’s wife. Besides, Tom’s wife, Xenia, has been taking care of the administration and various other tasks in the field for a few years… and of course of their two children Glenn and Yana.

Dryer wines than in the past

Quite naturally, the wines of the estate increasingly bear Tom’s signature, who has introduced new varieties such as Blauer Zweigelt and Pinot Noir Précoce. The estate’s wines are now oriented towards a drier style, far from the sweet wines of the 80s and 90s. Domaine Schumacher-Lethal offers several Crémants, a series of very dry wines aged in barrels, and very low-yield wines that meet the requirements of the “Charta Luxembourg” of individual winegrowers.

Riesling Wormeldange Nossbam 2016 Charta Luxembourg

And it is one of these charter wines of Domaine Schumacher-Lethal, the Riesling Wormeldange Nossbam 2016 Charta Luxembourg, that we highlight. For example, let’s have e look at the tasting note from the VinsLux smartphone application (downloadable from iPhone and Google App Stores) about this wonderful wine: “Slight buttered notes spring from the glass. This Riesling is dry, greasy. Ripe citrus notes, with that good taste of Nussbaum that actually evokes the walnut. Long, elegant, finely mineral, with a lot of fat also on the finish. It is absolutely necessary to aerate this wine to appreciate its full amplitude.”

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