Take a Rosy View of Life with Beetroot!

As the year starts, we’ve got another great resolution for you – let’s introduce some colour to our mealtimes every day! As well as cheering us up, this good habit makes a lot of sense because eating colourful food means filling up with plenty of fruit and vegetables packed with antioxidants.

Beetroot – an incredibly colourful, seasonal star vegetable!

Beetroot is a winter root vegetable that tends to be used in salads. It appears on the menus of famous chefs, featuring in ‘verrines’, millefeuille and carpaccio dishes, etc. Combined with lambs’ lettuce, apple, walnuts and chicory, beetroot makes a tasty mixed salad – a classic that can be served throughout the winter.

However, there are many other ways to enjoy beetroot. To find inspiration, we need only look to Eastern Europe countries where it is the key ingredient of Bortsch, their thick signature soup. This soup is a meal in itself; full of meat and vegetables, it’s a good, hearty soup if ever there was one.

If you don’t feel tempted by this version with its strong beetroot flavour, add a dollop of cream to take the edge off and then try this bright pink soup and see if you enjoy it.

Full of colour and flavour!

To make things easier and offer you a change of scene, the de Schnékert cooks have created a creamy beetroot soup with coconut milk that’s deliciously mild.

This combination of ingredients may seem unusual – but it works – and it tastes equally good both hot and cold!

Another reason to give this creamy soup a try!

Bon appétit !