‘Green’ paint that can hold its own with traditional paints!

You’re looking for natural products to decorate your home?

Then take a look at Algo paints made with vegetable oils and algae from Brittany.

While still offering the properties paint needs to have, Algo paint is manufactured with 95% natural components and emits less than 1g/l VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

This means that these paints do not pollute the interior of your home and do not give off the typical smell of freshly applied paint which is often difficult to get rid of once decorating has finished.

There are many reasons to choose this paint made from natural raw materials. Thanks to its plant-based binding material, it offers everything you’d expect from a top-quality paint: it’s easy to apply, hard-wearing and the way it sticks to surfaces and coats them is excellent.

And the most important argument – is your health and that of our planet! Did you know that the air inside our homes is often more polluted than the air outside? This is because of the adhesives and other materials used to build homes, which also often include paint.

You now have a real alternative with Algo, a way of easily reducing the pollution inside your home. Not to mention, of course, that during manufacture this paint respects the environmental balance of our planet better than any other because 95% of its components are bio-sourced and renewable.

However, it’s not just the paint that is eco-responsible: even the paint pots have been developed and made from recycled raw materials.

European Ecolabels certification, as well as A+ labelling, provide proof that Algo paints are revolutionary.

Choose Algo paints – and show that you care for yourself and for our planet.