Get Your Share of Vitamins!

Generally, wintertime is a really popular time for eating citrus fruits which include oranges, lemons, clementines and grapefruit. Along with apples and bananas, oranges are the most commonly eaten fruit in our part of the world. In Cactus stores you’ll find both blond oranges and blood oranges, each with varieties that are either best for eating or juicing.

Oranges are particularly well known for containing lots of vitamin C and are therefore seen as being a fruit that boosts our immune system.

Do you have a sweet tooth or more a savoury one?

It doesn’t really matter, there are so many different ways of making good use of oranges. Whether you peel and eat them, juice them or use the zest, oranges are a staple fruit in the kitchen. They go just as well with meat as with fish, can be used with vegetables and also with cakes and patisserie.

First and foremost, oranges are just what you want to see on your breakfast table: eat them as they are, peeled and quartered, squeezed so you can enjoy all the flavour of their juice, turned into delicious jam or chopped into small pieces to pep up a fruit salad.

And for those of you who love desserts, again oranges are an essential ingredient… orange juice, orange zest or candied orange peel are often added to puddings, cakes, and tarts.

Oranges are perfect too with savoury dishes: as far as meat is concerned, they team well with pork, chicken, duck and guinea fowl. As for seafood, scallops and shrimps come to mind.

Oranges, a fruit that children love too!

With their mild, sweet flavour, oranges are a fruit that the very youngest members of the family usually enjoy. A glass of juice will provide them with the vitamins they need and give them an energy boost too.

To be eaten without any moderation!