Followfish tuna, quality and transparency combined!

Covering around 70% of the earth’s surface, our oceans have always played a crucial role in maintaining social, economic and environmental balance on our planet. Unfortunately, overfishing and global warming pose a severe threat to the fish stocks in our oceans.

In 2007, two company directors Jürg Knoll and Harri Butsch were extremely concerned about conventional food production methods and so decided to refocus their firm by concentrating solely on food that could be produced sustainably and transparently. This is how Followfish started as an ideological movement which stands for transparency, sustainability and real flavour.

In line with its motto “follow the real taste”, customers are able to track the journey each product has taken by using the tracking code on the packaging : the time and place the fish was caught, the fisherman’s identity, the name of the boat and sometimes even a photo of the captain are provided. Seen as being the first brand in the world to openly disclose all its suppliers and supply channels, Followfish has managed to build a real bridge between fishermen and consumers.

Followfish tuna comes from Maadhoo Island in the Maldives, one of the most sustainable tuna fisheries in the work. Here each fish is individually caught by hand – as has been the practice for at least 900 years.

This tuna has two labels. Thanks to the Fairtrade-Certified Tuna scheme, all fishermen and everyone else involved in the trade receive a fair wage and fish are caught using environmentally-friendly methods. What’s more, the MSC label (Marine Stewardship Council) attests that fish are caught in such a way as to maintain fish populations and that everyone involved complies with the laws in place.

Besides various tuna preparations, followfish also offers wild salmon, from sustainable fishing and hot smoked on beech wood, FSC certified. The range is completed by sardines, from sustainable fishing and MSC certified, prepared in organic olive oil and herring, also from sustainable fishing and MSC certified, prepared in a tomato sauce with exclusively organic ingredients .

Discover our followfish range in all Cactus supermarkets and help preserve our oceans by supporting this initiative.