Flax, the Seed with Endless Health Benefits!

Flax seeds, tiny and with a subtle hazelnut taste, are enjoying great popularity. With consumers concerned about healthy eating and increasingly keen to follow a healthy, balanced lifestyle, flax has become a healthy food star thanks to its high fibre, protein and mineral content.

Most importantly, flax is a vital source of omega 3, a fatty acid essential for normal body functioning,  but which the body is unable to produce itself so it has to be absorbed with food.

And this is where flax seeds come into play. But how can you include them in your diet? Whether you eat them as seeds, flour or oil, there are all sorts of ways to use flax. Today we will introduce you to 3 of our favourites – so that you too can cook with flax.

Alnatura Organic Flax Seeds (crushed)

Organic flax seeds from the German company Alnatura are ideal for stirring into your yoghurt, muesli or compote. They can also add extra flavour to salads or gratin dishes. However, remember to grind the seeds before eating them as their husks are difficult to digest. Once ground, store your seeds in the fridge and they should be eaten quickly.

Please note, that because flax seeds swell and expand, we advise that whenever you eat them you also drink plenty of water.

Rapunzel Organic Flax Flour

Flax in the form of flour is being used more widely now for baking and patisserie. It actually has fewer  calories than wheat flour and what’s more it doesn’t contain any gluten! This makes it a great alternative for anyone wanting to add variety to their food or who is gluten intolerant but nonetheless reluctant to give up eating sweet treats.

Beola Flax Oil

Made from seeds grown in Luxembourg in the Our Valley, Beola flax oil is of extraordinary quality!

To be used only for seasoning, on no account heat this oil in a frying pan as its ingredients will not stand the heat. Ideal too for adding a finishing touch to your pasta or making delicious dressings for your salads. Once opened, store the bottle in your fridge.