Enjoy Eating Your Chocolate Spread with a Clear Conscience!

Breakfast without chocolate spread is unimaginable for you too? Well that makes you part of the large majority for whom chocolate spread is essential for getting the day off to a great start.

However, negative headlines often hang over conventional spreads because one of the main ingredients used in making them is palm oil and producing it causes deforestation and endangers animals as their habitats get destroyed.

What if instead you chose a spread that does not harm the environment, animals or people? The Tricentenaire Workshops in Bissen make Fairtrade chocolate spread, free from palm oil and manufactured according to fair trade criteria – making it your top choice for a delicious, but eco-friendly, breakfast.

Artisan, local and eco-responsible products to lift the spirits

The Tricentenaire Workshops in Bissen promote social inclusion for the disabled.

These Sheltered Workshops give 45 workers with disabilities paid employment in an economic production unit, which fully supports their professional aspirations as well as their individual skills and expertise, while also adhering to the values of the cooperative and the Tricentenaire Group.

Today the Tricentenaire Workshops include 4 different production units: printing, chocolate making, teas and services.

The chocolate production unit employs 16 workers with disabilities. Here they make the Chocolats du Cœur, premium-quality artisan products, made with fair trade ingredients and also with love and respect for workers both in Luxembourg and elsewhere. 

One of their yummy delicacies is their Fairtrade-certified chocolate spread. Free from palm oil, colouring and preservatives, this artisan product is absolutely irresistible whether on bread, in a crêpe or simply straight from the jar. When it comes to lifting your spirits, seize any opportunity you can. Don’t feel pangs of guilt, go ahead and enjoy this delicious, local spread, produced according to fair trade principles.

Chocolate spread from the Tricentenaire Workshops in Bissen is available in your Cactus supermarkets and foodies should also look out for news of another irresistible Fairtrade temptation coming your way to brighten up your breakfast time.