‘Bio Naturbrout’ Bread Savoury-Sweet Open Sandwiches!

Everyone loves open sandwiches and since Gouda is generally eaten sliced, Gouda open sandwiches are a staple classic. With its slight hazelnut taste, mild or more full-flavoured depending on how long it has been aged, this Dutch cheese is one of the most popular in the world; it’s what you’ll find in sandwich boxes. Even so, you’re still not inspired by all this!

So we’d like to suggest you try it a different way at breakfast or teatime, livened up with a little jam on some good bread whose name evokes nature and which tastes natural with its wholesome seeds…

‘Bio Naturbrout’ is an organic bread – half rye, half wheat, enriched with poppy, sunflower, sesame, brown and golden flax seeds – that’s simply delicious! As well as the delicate flavours that come from its combination of toasted seeds, it also contains unsaturated good fatty acids – recommended for keeping our arteries in good health. Produced in Luxembourg by our partner baker ‘Pains & Tradition’, following Slow Baking traditions, this bread is slowly kneaded and shaped, then fermented at room temperature and baked in stone ovens. Underneath the golden crust, the bread is particularly soft and chewy – and ideal for slicing to make great sandwiches!

Toppings revisited

Gourmet open sandwich with aged Gouda and jam

At first sight, this seems a somewhat surprising combination; however, once you start thinking about it, culinary cultures here and elsewhere have an abundance of dishes that combine sweet with savoury. Dishes such as salmon/mango/avocado verrines – pork with honey/cinnamon – game/cranberries – foie gras with onion marmalade and aged cheeses served with chutneys are not that outlandish. This savoury-sweet taste adds a particularly pleasant quality and brings out flavours.

So to make your sweet-savoury open sandwiches, choose a nice, tart jam, for example, with Morello cherries or red currant, quince or apple jelly and spread it sparingly over your Gouda open sandwich – you only need to lightly “cover” the cheese so that it’s sort of seasoned – you certainly shouldn’t swamp your cheese with jam. This topping is so scrumptious that your taste buds will be clamouring for more!

Please note:

Since 2010, for each ‘Bio Naturbrout’ loaf sold, Cactus has been donating 10 centimes to Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur – the project currently being supported aims to protect the European rain frog, a frog species that is facing extinction. The money raised will be used to buy and manage nature reserves with ponds and lakes to provide the European rain frogs with a home and ensure their long-term survival.

Since the ‘Naturbrout’ project started, €120,562 has already been collected. To find out more, go to our website: Cactus.lu