Barbecuing in Sustainable Times

Whether with neighbours, friends or family, a barbecue is always a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. But have you ever asked yourself what you could be doing to reduce the amount of polluting substances your barbecuing creates?

So that your barbecues follow current sustainable development trends, we have here for you today several eco-friendly products.

  • Grill O’Bois Charcoal

Only natural wood from sustainably managed European forests is used to make Grill O’Bois charcoal. This charcoal is a healthy product because the carbonisation process which the wood undergoes  transforms it into a pure fuel. Unlike fossil fuels, burning this biomass is not harmful for the greenhouse effect.

  • Favorit Lighting Wool

The German company Favorit’s product is 100% natural, made only from wax and wood. When burnt, this lighting wool does not emit any odours and it contains neither petroleum nor alcohol.

  • Weber Charcoal Briquettes and Wood Chips

Quick and easy to light, Weber briquettes burn for a long time. 100% natural, i.e. with no added chemicals, they are made from dense carbonised wood, starch and water. What’s more, they are produced from wood from sustainably managed forests and in FSC certified factories. All you will taste is the pure flavour of your food and they come in a recycled, recyclable bag.

Weber wood chips are made from a mixture of 100% natural and 100% European wood. Like all Weber briquettes, these chips are FSC certified and come in recycled, recyclable packaging.

But the meat you choose can make a difference too!

Another consideration to ensure eco-friendly barbecuing is to choose local organic produce. Thanks to short supply chains and environmentally-friendly farming methods, your barbecue will leave less of a carbon footprint!

For top-quality local meat that’s perfect for barbecuing, you can’t do better than trust our master butchers who have the very best cuts of beef for you from the Bio Green Beef label. This premium organic meat really is a unique speciality that combines the advantages of veal and traditional beef. A dark pink colour, it is delicately marbled with a particularly subtle flavour. Lean and easily digestible, this meat is a natural source of many essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins.