April 4 – International Carrot Day!

Indeed, the humble carrot is queen for a day. Why celebrate it? Why does such a common vegetable deserve its moment in the sun?

You frequently hear good things spoken about carrots: good for your mood – “They put you in a good mood”; for your eyesight – “Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”; and they are also said to give you a radiant complexion…

But, joking aside, carrots TRULY are a vegetable to get your teeth into!

What’s in a carrot?

Carrots are rich in carotenoid, an orange-colour vegetable pigment that is a powerful antioxidant and that our body converts into vitamin A. This vitamin reputedly improves our eyesight – particularly at night – and also our skin… It is doubtless the latter aspect which contributes to an excellent mood, because when you feel good in your own skin you simply have to be in a good mood!

Practical exercise – I eat, you eat… more carrots!

Topping up with natural antioxidants in the morning is a really smart move. Carrots are naturally soft – but low in calories – and give you a good dose of fibre. Combining them with other raw vegetables or fruits enables you to concentrate the recommended daily basic amounts for fruit and vegetables into a creamy, pleasant drink.

People who generally don’t like fruit and vegetables will enjoy topping up with good nutrients “without looking like it”.

Carrot, apple and ginger smoothie – A good mood right from first thing in the morning!

This smoothie is very simple to make – those already familiar with the beverage won’t find it particularly original, but then maybe they didn’t know about the benefits of the carrot!

Ingredients for 2 glasses

1 peeled carrot, in rings – 1 apple, quartered – 1 cm of peeled ginger – lemon juice – a small handful of oil fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) or ½ teaspoon of flax seeds and some suitable liquid (milk, soya-based drink, rice-based drink, oat-based drink… or yogurt) – some ice cubes.

Mix all the ingredients together in a blender or smoothie maker, and drink straight away.

Worth knowing: you could look to leave out the fats from the nuts, seeds or liquid, but that would be a pity since the low amount of good fats they contain facilitates the uptake of the vitamin A and gives you more energy.

Tip: to soften the carrot rings, which can sometimes prove difficult to mix finely because they are very fibrous, all you need to do is to heat them in a microwave for under a minute. The vitamin A is not particularly sensitive to cooking, but is more susceptible to oxidation. So prepare these smoothies just before they are to be drunk.

It’s so good!