A Cocktail? No, a Mocktail Please!

Out with the alcohol, and in with mocktails, the new fun summertime drink, so much more glamorous than “alcohol-free cocktail”! It’s just like a cocktail… but it isn’t a cocktail – it’s a mocktail!  Since something mock means imitation, a mocktail is a taste-alike version of the original cocktail but using sophisticated ingredients to ensure you really get to enjoy all the taste.

Wat iesse mer? Cooking with Children is Enjoyable

Cooking with children is an excellent idea as it’s a creative and fun thing to do that’s very rewarding for everyone involved. All your senses are awakened: taste, sight, touch, smell – and even sound since our recipe is nice and crunchy – so here’s an ideal opportunity to spend some quality time together. Once the masterpiece is finished, take much deserved pride and great pleasure in showing it to everyone and getting your resident gourmets to taste it!

Real bread, good and fresh – and straightaway…“Let the people ask for it!”

“Did you remember to buy bread?”  – “I’ve forgotten to get bread!” These commonplace phrases, we’ve all said or heard them. Whether it’s bread for breakfast, for a lunchtime sandwich or some delicious rolls for your Easter brunch, having fresh bread to hand at home is a real pleasure… and especially when it’s top-quality, fresh bread!

It’s Chic to Eat Chicory!

Whether it’s called ‘chicon’ in Belgium and Luxembourg or endive in France – it’s the same vegetable we’re talking about: chicory. Completely white except for its pale green tip, chicory doesn’t grow outside in vegetable gardens, it grows underground instead! Once its roots have been picked and covered in water or soil, away from light, small white leaves start to grow which then turn into this delicious early vegetable.